Cheap 600 Cc Sports Bikes: Great Deals You Must Grab

Sports Bike is a type of motorcycle which is a class in itself. It is known for its speed, rapid acceleration, braking ability and maneuverability. The 600 cc sports bike belongs to the middleweight class of sports bikes. The good news is there are great deals on cheap 600 cc sports bikes in the market today that you must grab if you are interested in getting one.

Wise buyers of sport bikes will surely look for one that will not hurt their pockets. Affordable and reasonable prices — yes, these are the things that you must always consider.

Here are Some of the Cheap 600 Cc Sports Bikes Great Deals You Must Grab at Once:

  • Honda CBR 600 RR (2003+) Price: $7,000

Honda CBR 600

The Honda CBR 600 RR has already established its world reputation for having won major Super Sports World Championship titles from 2002 up to 2008. This model has a new and improved lighter engine. Its frame is made of aluminum which makes it a bit slim, and has a lighter feel and a compact look.

The focus of the engineering redesign of Honda CBR 600 RR is its overall body weight. From its original weight of 163.7 kg in its 2006 Model, it now stands at 154.7 kg or a difference of 9 kg.

Who will refuse to own and ride this kind of Sports Bike that has the mark of a consistent World Champion?

  • Yamaha YZF-R6 (2006+) Price: $8,000

Yamaha YZF-R6This sports bike is considered as the first 600 cc four-stroke motorcycle ever produced in the world. The Yamaha YZF-R6 has been introduced in the market way back in 1999. It continues to improve its capability and functionality with its continuous revision in the year 2001 and 2003 and  for the year 2006 and 2008 and all the years in between.

Among its innovation is the VCC-T ride by means of wire, plus its multiple plate clutches. No one will regret riding and owning this magnificent steel horse.

  • Kawazaki  Ninja ZX-GR (1998-2002) Price: $ 7,999

Kawazaki  Ninja ZX-GR

It is the “ninja” among the competing Sports Bike manufacturers. It has a debut in the market in 1995 as a challenge and reply to Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha sports model bike. Thus, there is what most people know as the “Sports Bike Race” among the competing manufacturers.

Like a ninja, Kawazaki Ninja ZX-GR is a stealthy warrior of the road. This motorbike is proud of its faster speed and rapid acceleration. From the traditional and original 600 cc motor engine, it has now a cutting edge technology of a 636 cc motor.

A stealthy Kawazaki Ninja ZX-GR is a must companion of the road.

  • Ducati 749 (2003-2007) Price: $13, 995

Ducati 749

This Sport Bike is also known as “Seven-four-nine”. It was manufactured by the Ducati Motor Holding in 2003 and 2006 and boasts a weight of 188 kg. It has smaller back tire and cylinders and has different and various cylinders—the total effect of which is a lower displacement of 188 cc.

Most of  Ducati 749 were manufactured, produced and meant to be for racing. That’s why this model has a lighter weight, short stroke mechanism and has large bore and valves enabling it to run at a higher speed and an increase rpm.

  • Trium Daytona 600 (2003-2005) Price: $6,490

Trium Daytona 600

The Trium Daytona 600 is a cross-breed between the 1983 prototype motorcycle produced by Triumph Motorcycle and the Triumph TR65 Thunderbird. From the onset, this sports bike is meant for a top speed of more than 100 miles per hour. Trium Daytona is meant for younger buyers. Daytona is run by 599 cc engine four-cylinder-engine and a 110 horsepower at 12,750 rpm.

Buying a cheap 600 cc sports bike is a great deal that you must grab. In fact, it is a rare opportunity. In buying any type of sports bike the element of design, functionality, and price must always be considered. Above all, you must look at its maximum speed which is the distinguishing mark of any sports bike worthy of its name from the rest of the other motorcycles.  Drive with speed in your 600cc Sports Bike, but drive with care.